Why it is important investing in a good menstrual cup

Monday, 11 May 2015

Hello friends,

today we'll be talking about a hot topic, and we'll be answering a typical question when it comes to purchasing a menstrual cup: "Why should I spend close to (and sometimes even more than) $30 for a menstrual cup, when I can find $2, $5 options online?".

Let's start with a very obvious statement: cheap menstrual cups are made in China and they are unbranded. By saying so, we don't mean that you have to stick to brands like you would for let's say, a smartphone or a pair of sneakers, but that brands do offer something more than a label:

- Quality standards: an unknown brand has "no name", therefore there is no one to blame if the quality is poor, if the menstrual cup breaks or - worse - if it causes health problems.

- Safety standards: a brand that sells in EU and the US must follow safety regulations that don't apply in China. This means that the items you purchase might be potentially dangerous, or contain chemicals that the Western countries have banned.

-Medical silicon: the top quality material for a menstrual cup - and what you should look for when you shop - is medical grade silicon. There are several types of silicon, but not all of them are FDA (Food & Drugs Administration) approved. FDA approved silicon is in fact used for medical devices (such as feeding tube and catheters) and it's tolerated by human body. Any other type of silicon may cause allergic reactions, irritation and other issues with prolonged use.

-Material: even if cheap cups claim to be made "with" silicon, we still don't know which type of silicon it is, if it's chemically treated with other substances, and if our body is going to tolerate it. Some cups claim to be made of "food grade silicon". Attention: food grade silicon may be safe to eat from, but having something inside your body for multiple hours is a totally different story!

-Customer care: we know menstrual cups can be tricky to use at first, and that's why we are here to help! All our social networks, as well as our email, are at our customers' disposal to ask questions and help out. We also offer tips and curiosities about menstrual cups daily, which help raise awareness on the topic. In other words, we care about you and we are not a hidden company who will never answer your call.

-Ethics: many Chinese menstrual cups stole the design of branded menstrual cups, which cost time, research and money to realize. Additionally, menstrual cups are an ethical source for the environment, and you can do your good action by supporting companies that invested in this idea :)

Luv Ur Body menstrual cups are made of 100% FDA approved medical silicon, the top quality material you can find on the market. In other words, you couldn't be more safe :)

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