What is Toxic Shock Syndrome & Why You Are Safer Using a Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup

Monday, 4 May 2015

I'm sure many of you have heard at least once about Toxic Shock Syndrome (or TSS); the syndrome is caused by the presence of the Staphylococcus Aureus. The bacteria develops in the vagina where there is a condition of strong absorbency of liquids, like it happens with tampons
Wearing tampons for a prolonged period of time expose women to Toxic Shock Syndrome, because the longer the absorbent agent stays in the vagina, the higher chances are that the bacteria proliferates and infects the body.

What are the symptoms of Toxic Shock Syndrome? 
Symptoms occur suddenly and resemble those of a flu. They require hospitalization and administration of antibiotics; among them are a high fever, vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, a cutaneous rash, muscle aches and fainting. If not treated immediately, the infection may cause shock, kidney failure and liver failure.

Why is a Luv Ur Body menstrual cup safer than a tampon?
A Luv Ur Body menstrual cup is made out of medical grade silicon, the same that is used for catheters, feeding tubes and other medical applications. Medical grade silicon cups are well tolerated by the body and they have a minimum risk of developing infections. Why? Because the cup does not absorb the menstrual flux, but it contains it in the vagina until you empty the cup.  The moisture in your vagina remains unaltered, therefore the risk of a growth of bacteria is very, very low, if not almost non-existent. In fact, there has never been a reported case of TSS reported by a woman using a menstrual cup.
Provided that you sterilize your Luv Ur Body cup and insert it with clean hands, there is no risk of bacteria proliferation.

Be safer and switch to a Luv Ur Body cup today! 

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