What is a Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup and How is it Better for You?

Monday, 9 June 2014

A menstrual Cup is a small bell shaped re-usabe silicone device inserted into the vaginal cavity which is used as an alternative to pads and tampons. It is folded and inserted similar to a tampon and once inserted properly, it cannot be felt in the vagina. For years, women have been faced with one of two options when it comes to menstruation—tampons or pads only. Many women agree that neither of these options suit their lifestyle. However, there is also a third innovative possibility that is not only cheaper, more sanitary, and more environmentally friendly, but also more comfortable—something every woman desires during that particular time of month!Now, women are able to choose an option that allows them to carry on throughout their day with less concern about their period. The menstrual cup is the answer that women have been waiting for! The Luv Ur Body menstrual cup allows women to experience a higher quality of protection than any other feminine hygiene product offered and proves to be one of the safest options out there. The Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup is re-usable for 3 years. Due to the muscular nature of the vagina, a Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup will not widen a woman’s vaginal canal any more than the insignificant widening associated with sexual intercourse. Large size is suitable for women with heavy flow or women who have given birth before vaginally or by C-Section while medium size is for women with light to medium flow or women who have not had a vaginal or C-section birth.


 What’s it made with?

 A menstrual cup is made with a soft, flexible silicone. This particular medical grade silicone is the same material used for the creation of artificial hearts, valves, internal medical tubing (e.g. catheter tubing), sex toys, baby feeding bottle teats as used by the medical industry so women should take comfort in knowing that this material is implantable in the human body for an extended period of time and has been used internally in humans for decades by the medical industry as well as the sex toy industry. Not to mention, because it is a high-quality medical grade silicone it is created with antibacterial properties which goes one step further in protecting women’s health. The first menstrual cup called the “Tessaway Menstrual cup” was made in 1932 in the USA and there are over 25 brands worldwide today.  There are more brands of Menstrual Cups globally than there are of tampons.

How it Works

The process is actually very simple. First, assume a relaxed position, as you would if you were inserting a tampon. Next, you must fold the menstrual cup so that it can easily fit into the opening of the vagina. When inserted, releasing the folded menstrual cup will cause the cup to “pop open” naturally thus creating a “leak proof seal and suction” in the vaginal cavity.  The Luv Ur Body menstrual cup will then remain in place for 12 hours on average as it collects the fluid that passes through the vagina during normal menstruation.


Once the cup is full, you simply pinch the base to “break the seal” remove the cup, empty and flush away in the toilet and wash it thoroughly (you may use a few drops of any good brand of feminine wash) and it is ready for reinsertion if your period is still on. Simply boil for 15mins or disinfect with Milton solution or tablet at the end of period and store till next month in enclosed free pouch. The insertion and removal is very similar to that of a tampon or contraceptive diaphragm. There are several ways to fold a menstrual Cup for insertion please visit our website for more fold options. This process is similar to placing a bucket directly under a tap.

The Advantages

Made with 100% Medical Grade Silicone
There are a number of questions that women may have before purchasing Menstrual Cups.  At the top of most people’s mind will be safety. Is this product really safe? The answer is, YES absolutely! As mentioned, the Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup is made with quality medical grade silicone approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States and this material has already been introduced, accepted, and rated by medical professionals for decades.

No Connection to Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)
Because the menstrual cup captures fluid rather than absorbs it—there is no connection to Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) associated with tampons and there has never been a case of TSS linked to Menstrual Cups usage since 1932.  When you compare the menstrual cup to tampons not only do you eliminate the threat of TSS, but there is also a reduced concern about the product becoming lodged in the vaginal cavity due to over absorption causing infection. Pads and tampons are made from strong industrial bleaches used to whiten the material. These bleaches contain cancer causing dioxins.

Heavy Flow
Since the menstrual cup does not absorb menstrual fluid, vaginal fluids or urine, women do not have any of the unpleasant odors at the end of the day associated with tampons due to the tampon rope absorbing urine and vaginal fluids. Menstrual Cups are thus ideal for swimming. They are also best for women with a very heavy flow as it gives them the much needed peace of mind and break from changing their pad or tampon. So much that for such women, there is no more need to double pads or double a pad and wear a tampon. It can be worn at night. It’s also useful for spotting associated with contraceptive Intrauterine Devices (IUD’s) more commonly known as the “coil” instead of using a pad or tampon for combating this spotting.


Peachy Texture
Some women may be concerned about the sanitation of the removal, insertion and re-use of the Luv Ur Body menstrual cup. Taking care of your menstrual cup is same as caring for your underwear which is re-usable also, one cannot catch any infections from such things if adequate personal hygiene is maintained. First, you must compare the cup to a pad. A pad is messy, has to be changed often, and can be very uncomfortable. Each time a woman has to urinate or defecate, she has the unpleasant ordeal of looking at a blood soaked pad. The Luv Ur Body menstrual cup has what is known as a “peachy texture” and thus will not have any blood on it when removed from the vagina. Because the menstrual fluid is collected directly from the cervix, the inside of the vaginal canal remains clean as opposed to when blood flows down the canal unto a pad or tampon. The Luv Ur Body menstrual cup also allows women an option that doesn’t involve sitting in their own menstrual blood or having to see the menstrual fluid for 12 hours because it instead collects the fluid within and is emptied & flushed down the toilet only once or twice daily. Disposal issues (wrapping, burning, rinsing) associated with pads/tampons are eliminated.

No Odors 
Now, when comparing the menstrual cup to a tampon there are also some advantages in terms of sanitation. While the cup has to be removed in much the same manner as a tampon, there is no contact with the fluid as it is stored within the confines of the silicone cup. Plus, the fluid can be deposited directly in the toilet rather than the woman having to locate a trash can to discreetly throw out a tampon. Because the menstrual cup captures the fluid internally, there is little to no odor that is present when wearing a pad or tampon. Pads and tampon ropes come in contact with outside air which kick starts the fermentation process that causes these unpleasant odors and heat associated with use of these products.  Keep in mind that the Luv Ur Body menstrual cup doesn’t interfere with the natural properties of the vagina or leave cotton wool or rayon strands inside the vaginal cavity.

Another concern that some women may have is cost. For something this ground-breaking, you may be worried you will be paying an arm and a leg for the comforts this product has to offer. Actually, you couldn’t be further from the truth. On average, menstrual cups cost about $27 per cup. That is certainly more expensive than a box of tampons or pads, but you have to consider that the cup can be re-used for several years.  The Luv Ur Body menstrual cup offers women an economic advantage that no other hygiene product does! Many women that use tampons spend up to $30 on different absorbencies of tampons and panty liner per month and this is about the cost of a menstrual cup, while women that buy Pads will spend up to $125 in 4-5 months. So in the long term, a Luv Ur Body menstrual cup which costs just $28, is much cheaper.

Decreases Your Environmental Foot Print
Yet another consideration of the menstrual cup is the overall environmental benefit. Think about how many pads and tampons fill up the landfill every single year. A staggering One Billion pads or more get thrown away at landfills worldwide annually and the average women uses about 20,000 pads during her menstruating lifetime.  Multiply that by over two billion menstruating women on earth today and you have a fair idea of the adverse environmental impact of pads and tampons. Most Pads are not bio-degradable and don’t decompose. The Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup is re-usable thus decreasing your environmental footprint.


The Top Choice for You

The Luv Ur Body menstrual cup offers a number of advantages that are simply not available with any other menstrual product. Safe, comfortable, and reliable the menstrual cup is a terrific option for women today.

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