Unique Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup Features

Friday, 20 June 2014

There are several ways that the Luv Ur Body Cups stand out from the competition. Here are some for your review.

Cup Capacity
The Luv Ur Body Cup has the largest volume on the market to guarantee up to 12 hours of protection. There is no need to frequently empty your cup during the day. This makes it ideal for traveling, long car rides or plane trips as opposed to smaller volume brands which you'd most likely have to empty more often.

 V Shape
The unique "V" shaped air vents in the Rim of the Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup aid suction release during removal so that one doesn't feel like they have to tug at the cup during removal.

The Soft Swell
The part of the cup that bulges out just under the Rim is called the "soft swell." This design feature helps to add a bit more capacity to the Cup and helps achieve the goal of larger capacity for our cups. It also helps the cup to glide out easily.

Flower Design
The Luv Ur Body cup has flower designs all over the body, not just for aesthetics but to create "slip resistance" with the vaginal RUGAE or bumpy inner wall to prevent the Cup from slipping out when the user "bears down". Most other brands are smooth on the outside, thus when a woman sneezes, laughs, squats or bears down to poo, the cup starts to slip out of the vaginal canal. A lot of women experience this so much that if they don't hold onto the cup while bearing down to poo, their cup could fall into the toilet. No one likes holding her cup in place while pooing! The smaller flowers at the base, also provide grip for removal.

The Ball and Stem
The cup has both a ball and leaf stem for grip and removal. Instead of cutting off the leaf stem, the cup could possibly be turned inside out, or if the leaf stem is cut off, one would still have the small ball. The ball is small enough not to be felt or to cause any discomfort. The leaf stem is short, soft and flexible and is hardly felt.

The Medium Cup
The medium Luv Ur Body cup is slightly slimmer and longer in length than the large size. This unique design is ideal for women who have a low cervix during menstruation that tends to add extra volume to the menstrual fluid in their cup thus causing the contents to rise, bubble or leak. This is similar to what happens when pebbles are added to a half glass of water, air bubbles/pockets will try to escape and fluid volume will rise and possibly overflow.  That is why when such women take out their cups to empty it, they find its only half full, yet its already leaking or bubbling up every few seconds when they move and the bubbling makes them uncomfortable and worried.  Through our brand design, we have tried to address these concern by making cups which are slimmer and taller to give the cervix more room in the cup so that each woman can have up to 12 hours irregardless of her light or heavy flow. The slightly longer design gives the cervix and the fluid more room in the cup to avoid leaks etc.

The Large Cup
The large size is ideal for women with heavy to very heavy flow especially the sort of heavy flow caused by uterine fibroids, Pelvic Inflammatory disease, polyps, cysts, hormonal imbalance and the more common endometriosis. This is also ideal for heavy flow caused by IUD's (contraceptive inter-uterine devices). Or women who are wider "down there" due to multiple births or episiotomies.

Rounded Cup Bottom
Another factor to bear in mind in designing a cup is POKING. Since we all know by now a menstrual cup may poke you down there if it's "funnel" shaped and has a pointed end with possibly short solid or hallow stem or solid tab. Because some new brands want to take the "safe" road and just look like a Diva Cup or Lunette Cup for quick market entry and acceptance, a lot of  brands have this same funnel shape that WILL poke due to its pointed end instead of "rounding out" their cup bottom to avoid poking from this sharp end and tab. Rounded bottoms, we feel, should be standard by now, especially so the pointed end doesn't break a virgin's hymen. This is why the "rounded bottom" as a safety measure, comes standard with our cups, like air bags in a car, so that our cups don't poke down there. There is no risk of it entangling the hymen or breaking it.

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