How to Get a Better Seal For Leak Proof Suction

Monday, 14 July 2014

A menstrual cup may not be sealed properly if its slightly dented or not fully ballooned open on insertion. You can check to see if its fully opened by inserting a forefinger into the vaginal canal & reaching up towards the rim of the Cup & gently feeling around to see if its dented or still folded.

If there are signs of spotting after insertion, follow these simple steps to create a "leak proof suction" & to ensure the menstrual cup is properly ballooned & "sealed" after insertion. 

For the cup not to leak, its important to ensure the cervix is INSIDE the cup. The cervix feels like the pointed tip of your nose or thumb & forefinger pressed together with that dent in between them.

It is located at a 45 degrees angle towards the base of the spine (your tail bone). So the cup should be pushed towards the base of the spine & not straight up towards one's head because straight up is not the normal direction of any woman's vaginal canal. It may help to first insert your forefinger & locate the exact position of your cervix so that in your mind's eye you know exactly where it is & which direction you should be pushing the cup towards.

1) The cup needs to be gently turned clockwise or counter-clockwise inside the vaginal canal or moved around gently by grabbing hold of the base or mid section of cup. It could also be slightly pulled out & re-inserted such that it can suck in air & fully balloon open.

2) Another helpful tip is to insert the thumb & forefinger in on either side of the cup & push back gently against the vaginal walls to create space/air that the cup can suck up & fully open. The push back should be high up near the rim & possible.

3) Try to swirl your finger around the cup to remove any excess blood left in the vagina from spotting & wipe or preferably rinse off blood left on the labia after the steps above to accurately ascertain if the cup is still not sealed & causing the leaks.

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